ISO 41001 Certification in Kuwait

What is ISO 41001 Facility Management System?

ISO 41001 mainly focuses on requirements that a Facility Management (FM) system must meet in an organization in order to provide efficient and effective delivery of support services for the organization it serves.

The European standard for facilities management defines it as the integration of processes within an organization to maintain and develop the agreed services which support and improve the effectiveness of its primary activities.” The Facilities Management’s function integrates people, place and process within the specified environment to improve the quality of life of people and productivity of the core business.

ISO 41001 facility management system certification in kuwait

What ISO 41001 describes?

ISO 41001 describes the requirements a facility management system has to do

  • To demonstrate the efficiency and effectiveness of facility management, and what it contributes to the organization’s (customer’s) goals
  • To be consistent in defining the requirements and needs of all the parties involved in the facility management process and
  • To be sustainable in a highly competitive environment.

Why ISO 41001 Certification?

FM is an activity existing in all companies. Facility management is becoming more and more complex. Dealing with multiple processes of different types is much simpler if one uses a standard.

It is a booming sector and growth is expected to be rapid and continuous. The importance to launch this standard is in view of:

  • Economy, for e. g in spain the facility management sector contributes 6.4% of the GDP
  • Provide good Quality of life to the people. According to Forbes magazine, the future of work lies in the experience of the employee in the company.

Working in a badly managed building or one with high greenhouse gas emissions are parameters that employees now see as negative when deciding to accept a job.

ISO 41001 Certification why and benefits to you and your customer

ISO 41001 Certification Benefits to Organization
  • Brand visibility for the facility management company
    Improve workforce productivity, safety and health and well-being
  • Clear communication of requirements and methodologies among and between public and private sector organizations;
  • Efficiently and effectiveness in work resulting in cost benefits
  • Consistency in services
  • Provide common platform for all types of organizations
ISO 41001 Certification Benefits to Customer
  • Reliability
  • Smooth operation of business
  • Cost optimization
  • Hassle free environment
  • Tailored services
  • Technology solutions
  • Best Practice Sharing
  • Benchmarking data

How to get ISO 41001 certification in Kuwait?

We as ISO consultants, interact with the various department in the facilities management organization, study their process, set objectives and targets to show the performance and streamline the activities and functions as per the standard requirements.

Let’s work together

In addition, we provide guidance for implementation of the standard and ensure that the implementation is in place across all departments. You have the best Facility Management (FM) System Consultant in Kuwait.